Here goes nothin

   Having been a frequent enjoyer of blogs (I think I have 20 or 30 I read on Bloglovin) I have thought about stating a blog myself, to keep up with all the crazy things going on here at the house, so far from all our friends and family, and being chosen to be part of Rob’s Big Losers has kind of jumpstarted that, as I have to blog about my weight loss journey over the next few months.

   If anyone reads this, and decides to follow along, there will be tons (hopefully) about my weight loss journey, my kids, my husband, work, and whatever else grabs my attention for the moment. It will be funny, sad, dramatic (I am a woman, after all!) and real. Nothing I post will be made up, and I will try to stick to what happens in my own life, though I am sure that stories in the media will get a chance, too.

With that said, welcome to my little corner of the world, get comfortable, and if you have something to say, don’t hold back! Unless it’s negative about my kids, in which case, I will find you! Just kidding… or am I?