Seeing the beauty

Sometimes, when we’re in the midst of life, we stop seeing all the random, beautiful things around us. It’s easy to do. Running errands, packing lunches, wondering if this bill can wait til that check, homework, housework, all of it. I’m not saying that I am taking the initiative and going to start ensuring that I “stop and smell the roses” or anything like that, just observing that, every once in a while, something will happen, most likely so subtle you don’t even recognize it in the midst of the daily chaos, but, later, when you’re cleaning up dinner dishes, or playing Farmville before bed, you’ll have a little light bulb moment, where you think about that thing, and can’t help but smile.

Sometimes it’s an observation from someone, in the form of simple praise or a smile when you’re exasperated with kids or busy stores, others, it may be something your child said or did that you didn’t really catch in the moment, or a kind act that you were too frazzled to say thank you for.

It doesn’t matter what or who, just that, when you do think about it, and get that little smile and warm fuzzy feeling, say thank you for it. They won’t hear it, or even know, but acknowledging that you saw the beauty to the universe or God, or whatever you believe, I think that it helps it keep moving. Maybe that person didn’t realize they did you a kind service, but it makes you wonder, how often have you been that person, giving a little unobserved beauty, that will dawn on them, hours or days later, and encourage them?

This is not the post I came on to make today. The original was snarky and a little backhanded, towards someone who has tried to create petty drama for me for a while now, and how pathetic it is that they haven’t gotten a life of their own yet, but when I read through some comments on a post I replied to, it brought to mind how much better life has been since I got that toxicity out of my life, and how the simple kindnesses of strangers, or our kids, can shine beautiful light in our otherwise chaotic, muddled lives, and decided to change course and focus on that.

So, with that in mind, you, whoever you are, wherever you are in life, are amazing. You are a beautiful soul, capable of great things, and I hope that no matter how insane your day has been, that you have had that moment of beauty, and that it gets you through to the next one. If you haven’t had that yet today, I hope, maybe, this can be it. Life is beautiful, and we are life.