Chasing Sunrise

Agh, it’s been so long since I have made time, or felt that I had something worth saying on here. It isn’t that there haven’t been things, just that to put them down, and throw them out here would be so difficult, kind of like posting naked pictures and asking your opinions (not ever gonna happen!). Anyway, life has been crazy, I’ve had a couple of manias, followed by depressions, and some breakthroughs, complete with all kinds of random, frenetically done projects, and days wallowing in my suckiness after, so yay me.

Anyway, this is not about all of that, maybe I’ll post about that some other time, maybe not; it’s still kind of hard, sometimes, to put it out there as honestly as I feel it should be. This is about my son, and living life in the moment.

This morning, after dropping my daughter off at school, when we were driving home, my son noticed the sky, as he does, and asked where I thought the sun was going to come up at. I had not even noticed that, while it was light out, it still hadn’t been sunrise just yet where we were. So, I looked at the sky (briefly, I was driving!) and noticed the highest concentration of pinkish-orange on the horizon, and pointed it out to him, but he disagreed with my assessment. This led to a detour, and lots of pointing out shadows in the treetops, and which parts of the trees had sunlight, to gauge where the sun was in proximity to the trees. It seemed that every time we thought we knew where the sun would be, there would be a curve in the road, and we would have to start looking for the sunlight on the treetops again. After about ten minutes, he was mostly bored with the game, as the sun would pop up for a second or two in the trees, but never enough that we could see it in all it’s glory, like he wanted to. The funny thing is, when we turned around to finish our ride home, the sun rode along right beside us, in and out of the trees, like he knew we had given up the chase, but he wanted to keep playing. My son said “Hey! Next time, let us catch you, and maybe we’ll play longer, stupid!”

This may seem like a rather random, insignificant thing to bring to Blogland, but it was in those moments, when we were oohing and aahing over the beauty of the fall colors, and how the sunlight hit the treetops, and talking, that I realized that those are the moments that we’ll remember, and had I just pointed out my answer, let him disagree, and took the turn for home, just because I was tired and had a cold, we both would have missed it, and that seemed important, to me, anyway.


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